what we do...


Resource Provides:

individual therapy which includes an assessment, diagnosis, and options for reducing symptom intensity and impact on functioning.

family therapy involves at least one other family member typically a parent or guardian.

couples therapy is a very specific approach to improving permanent relationship functioning.

group therapy generates a more peer oriented environment to improve socialization and relationship skills.

rehabilitation skills training are individualized training activities to support therapy goals.

Resource also provides relaxation and Neuro-feedback services.

Resource provides services in both the English and Spanish languages.

Resource utilizes a variety of approaches to address symptoms and problems in functioning with everyday life and changes that impact people of all sizes shapes and colors.

PSR services are an enhancement to our individual, family and group therapy and is used to respond and address complex family and crisis situations. The service puts a counselor in the home to assist in the stabilization or transition from specific life circumstances. This can be being discharged from the hospital to sudden and unexpected changes to family circumstances and stability.

BST (Basic Skills Treatment):

BST services are life skills training to ensure participants are able to learn and apply skills to their everyday life.